Kilts & Bagpipes



Bagpipe Player and maker of

* Great Highland Bagpipes
* Scottish Smallpipes
* Kilts

My name is Tómmes Lamers and I'm a bagpipe player from Maastricht. I can be hired for several occasions.

I also make Great Highland Bagpipes (GHB) and Scottish smallpipes (SSP).
For now, only Delrin pipes are made (also known as polypenco).

Soon I will be making African Blackwood pipes as well.
Both the Great Highland Bagpipe, and the Scottish Smallpipe are completly made by hand.

Besides playing and making bagpipes, I'm a kiltmaker as well. My kilts are made completly according to the scottish tradition. This means that the complete kilt will be handsewn, I only use quality heavyweight worsted wool. The interior of the kilt includes a lining and horsehair canvas interfacings. Kilts always are made to measure. That's why I don't have any kilts in stock.